Every Project LED Combo

The EPC, Beghelli’s emergency and exit combo, is a budget-friendly lighting solution that works for any project — and is a key fixture in our “Every Project (EP)” product offering of versatile solutions for projects of all sizes. The EPC is an all-in-one exit combo solution: red/green, single/double face, universal mounting in a single SKU, making it ideal for use on any job site. The EPC is constructed of durable thermoplastic housing in standard white finish, black is optional.

All EP (Every Project) products are: EASY to purchase, EASY to specify, EASY to stock and EASY to order.

EP = Emergency Products for Every Project

EPC Key Features

  • LED Lamp Heads with HO option: Adjustable, long-lasting, and energy-efficient ultra-bright white LED lamp heads deliver spacing up to 35ft at 7.5ft mounting height
  • Dual Input: 120/277V input ensures seamless integration in electrical systems
  • Long-Life Battery: 3.6V maintenance-free, rechargeable Ni-Cd battery guarantees reliable 90 minutes emergency illumination
  • Automatic Battery Charger: A fully automatic solid-state, two-rate charger initiates battery charging within 24 hours
  • Remote Capacity: 1W optional remote capacity is compatible with single BRH and BRHWP remotes

The EPC series is your versatile and dependable choice for commercial and industrial lighting projects of any scale. Contact your Beghelli Regional Manager to learn more about the Every Project Combo (EPC).

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