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    • * What is the reason for your return?

    • * Is this claim you are filing for a structural problem or an electrical/operational problem?

    • If the fixtures have a structural problem, is the problem presented in the housing, lens, reflector, or mounting?

    • * If the problem is electrical, are all the fixtures presenting the problem, on the same circuit?

    • * If the problem is electrical, is there any high-powered or high-consumption equipment connected to the same circuit grid as the fixtures that are failing?

    • * Describe the electrical problem you are seeing on the fixtures found on this claim..

    • Are the fixtures on this claim emergency fixtures?

    • YesNo

    • *Have you charged the batteries for at least 24 hours till indicator shows battery charged, and then tested Emergency Mode?

    • *Have you reset the fixture? If not, disconnect both battery and AC power for a period of 30 seconds. Connect the fixture, making sure the battery is fully charged and perform the battery test again.

    • *Have you swapped the batteries from a working Emergency light of the same model with a failing one?

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