The SCALA is DesignLights Consortium® qualified for Stairwell and Passageway Luminaires, making them eligible for utility rebate incentives.

SCALA is the perfect solution for stairwells, as well as other low-occupancy areas such as storerooms, restrooms, and passageways. Stairwell lighting requirements call for increased light levels during occupied times while maintaining minimum level standards when unoccupied. Since most stairwells are required to be lit 24 hours a day and 7 days per week, they represent a significant energy-saving opportunity.

SCALA is designed to meet all stairwell lighting requirements while providing an energy-saving solution. The SCALA SA version has an integrated battery back-up providing continued safety and visibility in the event of a power failure.

SCALA’S SMART TECHNOLOGY maximizes energy savings by intelligently managing illumination levels to avoid wasted consumption. The SCALA incorporates bi-level dimming controlled by a passive infrared sensor to provide safe and dependable illumination during occupied times while adjusting levels down when unoccupied.


  • Maximize Energy Savings with Controlled Light Levels
  • Energy saving luminaire with integrated occupancy controls
  • Bi-level light control offers safety and security
  • Ideal for stairwells, restrooms and other areas where maximum light levels are not needed when area is unoccupied
  • Ease of installation and maintenance
  • Can be surface mounted or suspended
  • SA version has an integrated battery back-up providing fail-safe operation

If you have any questions regarding SCALA please contact your Beghelli USA Customer Service Specialist at 954-442-6600. We are proud to share with you this green evolution in our family of products. We look forward to continually offering new, innovative solutions to our Partners.