Beghelli NOD, a Wireless Single Channel Fixture Controller

Experience the future of lighting control with our innovative wireless single channel fixture controller. The Beghelli NOD empowers you to manage your LED lighting with unparalleled precision and flexibility, all through the magic of wireless technology.

Features of the Beghelli NOD

  • 1-Channel 0-10VDC Dimming
  • Discreet In-Fixture Mounting
  • Casambi Wireless Bluetooth Mesh
  • High-End Trim, Zoning and Continuous Dimming
  • 10-22 VDC Load Control Output (active high)
  • Active High Output for Relay Drive: Provides the option to control additional devices like relays for even more control over your lighting system.
  • ioXt Alliance Cybersecurity Certification

Ideal Applications for Wireless Single Channel Fixture Controllers:

  • Retail Spaces
  • Office Buildings
  • Custom Lighting Projects

The Beghelli NOD Wireless Fixture Controller allows for one channel of 0-10V dimming and load control output (active high). NOD is controlled wirelessly via Casambi Mesh technology allowing for wireless dimming of LED lighting. The controller communicates with other devices such as switches and sensors via the wireless mesh network.

Embrace the power of wireless lighting control with our single channel fixture controller. Contact your Beghelli Regional Manager or Inside Sales Specialist to learn more about how the NOD can transform your lighting experience!