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Lighting for your Storage Facility or Warehouse

At Beghelli, we’re not just about selling lights, we’re about crafting lighting solutions. That’s why we offer a wide range of lighting solutions for storage facilities. Our diverse range of products for storage facilities will cater to your facility’s unique layout, size and budget.

Whether you’re building a new storage facility or updating lighting on an existing one, our team of experts will work closely with you to understand the your project’s needs. Our engineering team can easily craft a layout (usually within 24 hours) that not only effectively illuminates the space, but optimizes safety, energy efficiency and maintenance costs.

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Several factors should be taken into account. These include:

  • Does the lighting enhance productivity? When storage space is well-lit, operations run smoother eliminating the time spent searching for items
  • Does the lighting ensure safety? A well-lit area minimizes the risk of accidents, reduces errors and helps customers and staff navigate the area with ease.
  • Is the storage facility lighting energy efficient? Are you concerned about energy bills? Our energy-efficient lighting solutions provide brilliant illumination while keeping energy consumption low.
  • Does the lighting in the storage facility provide cost savings? Beghelli prides itself in offering products with long lifespans, easy installation – and quick and easy maintenance providing significant cost savings over time.

Lighting Solutions for Storage Facilities

Beghelli’s extensive line-up of fixtures for storage solutions includes linear products ranging from strip lights, vapor tights and vandal-resistant luminaires available with sensors and controls ranging from simple on/off to complete remote monitoring and control functions. Flat panels are available in multiple sizes and outputs. In facilities with higher ceilings, mid and high bay units are offered with the same sensors and controls.

Stairwell (SWL)

Illumina BS101LED Eco

Illumina BS101LED ECO

Exit Signs and Combo Solutions for Storage Facilities


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