Pluraluce® RECESSED Unit

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The Pluraluce® RECESSED unit has a traditional design to blend in with any décor. With a 4” diameter trim, impressive performance has been arranged into a very compact package.

Beghelli is using design properties from its lighting division and applying them to emergency lighting to maximize the output. Every unit is shipped with 2 custom designed optical lenses which are interchangeable for symmetric (28’ spacing on center) and asymmetric distributions (60’ spacing on center).

The aluminum trim comes standard in a white powder coat with optional brushed finishes. The design is suitable for new or retro-fit construction and easily fits in shallow plenum ceilings.

The Pluraluce RECESSED units are available with a choice of operations; AC only, EM only and ACEM. They have all achieved a truly universal AC input with a voltage design of 120 to 347V. The Pluraluce RECESSED can be normally on, normally off, except in an emergency or a combination of both.