CASTEX 510 (HZ-CAS510)



The CASTEX 510 is a hazardous location luminaire ideal for use in the oil and gas industries, paint facilities, pumping stations, metal smelting, found and fabrication, food and distilling and other high humidity, high vapor, high dust and high temperature locations.

The CASTEX 510 is rated for use in Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C and D; Class II, Divsion 1, Groups E, F and G; Class II, Division 2, Groups F and G; and Class III.


  • LO: 40W @ 5,600 lm
  • MO: 60W @ 8,400 lm
  • HO: 80W @ 12,000 lm
  • 120° standard optic distribution
  • 5000K
  • -40°F up to 140°F
  • >70 CRI
  • HT (AC Only)