Acciaio® Eco BX910LED Amber


FWC Approved Wild-Life Friendly Lighting

Beghelli creates solutions that enhance and protect our environment. Wild-Life Friendly lighting is one of those solutions. Our ACCIAIO® ECO BX910LED-AMBER is ideal for areas where excessive artificial lighting can disturb eco-systems, such as coastal areas where sea turtles need a dark sky to orient and migrate towards the ocean. The ACCIAIO® ECO BX910LED-AMBER emits light visible to humans, but not to most species typically affected by artificial lighting.

The ACCIAIO® ECO BX910LED-AMBER makes part of the Wildlife Lighting Certification Program . Each year, artificial lights cause disruption of behavior, injury and death to thousands of migrating birds, sea turtles and other reptiles, amphibians, and mammals, and invertebrate. The ACCIAIO® ECO BX910LED-AMBER is a fixture that minimizes adverse impacts to wildlife by reducing the light pollution. The ACCIAIO® ECO BX910LED-AMBER truly enhance the areas where they are installed in, while protecting our environment. The ACCIAIO® ECO BX910LED-AMBER is ideal for parking garages and multi-floor facilities or the ground floor of single-story buildings. Our ACCIAIO® ECO BX910LED-AMBER is offered in 4 ft configurations.