OEM Emergency Lighting Updates

December 2023

  • Effective Dec 28: ESL, ESM and HWE have new modular pricing, wireguards have been updated, cost reduction to the Brezza family

October 2023

  • OL2-CT: Inverted Face (IF) and Polished Aluminum Brass Plate (PB) no longer available on SWCT nor SWHE models
  • Bolla WP: new line item for black and white under option, time delay note deleted from autotest option
  • EP (Every Project) product line launched: Added EPC, EPX, EPE
  • Bravado Hazardous (BRV HZ): Added Note: Lamps not included, select MR 16 lamp from lamp section
  • EST: Updated lamps and options, expanded capacities and new modular pricing added
  • Pricing changes: EST.turned to modular pricing, Mezzo (3% average price reduction for cold location models),XMR pricing adjustments; updated options pricing for EDT, ESL, ESM, HWE, RSE and RTB — all effective 12/1/23

September 2023

OL2: Removed self-luminous (SL) option

August 2023

OL2 (Modular Pricing)
Muro (Now available in black)