Beach Front Beach Front


Solar power can help anyone with sunlight who uses electricity.

Beghelli's HQ Beghelli's HQ


Beghelli's headquarters in Montevelio holds about 1 MW of solar power on its roof.

Residential Residential


Residential solar power installs on your home last for 25 years or more.

Inverters Inverters


Beghelli Inverters designed to maximize solar production.

Commercial PV Commercial PV


Commercial PV install make your daily business just a little bit easier.

Vehicle Protection Vehicle Protection


Protect your vehicle while producing energy.

Inverter Systems Inverter Systems


Aesthetic and architectural, uniquely placed inverter systems.

Remote Locations Remote Locations


Remote locations i.e. agricultural field.

Solar Tracker Solar Tracker


Beghelli solar tracker can increase the efficiency of your solar panels by 25%.

No Space Too Small No Space Too Small


There's no space too small for solar panels.