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Beghelli has installed photovoltaic projects around the world. We manufacturer panels, inverters, software and mechanical structures. With 35 years in the global market, Beghelli continues to design dependable, high quality and lasting solutions for it's customers.


Solar Lighting

Pronto Sole

Commercial Solar Power

COMING SOON Beghelli's off-grid solar power kits come fully equipped with all of the necessary parts in the box - from screws and bolts to solar panels and LEDs. Beghelli's Pronote Sole Kit offers up to 70W of LED lighting for night time security and sign illumination. The highway lamp outputs 130W of power, which lowers the cost of remote construction and stays powered for up to four days without sunlight. When connecting to a power grid just isn't possible, Beghelli's 1500W remote living kits power refrigerators, lights, radios and more. Beghelli delivers turnkey photovoltaic/ lighting systems, sized from 32 kW up to multiple megawatts. We install UL Certified 285W, 15% efficiency solar panels and 3 Phase commercial inverters starting 15kW. Our solar panels come with a 25 year electricity production guarantee. Beghelli's PV/Integrated lighting systems not only provide a sustainable power plant while decreas ing the energy foot prints maximizing the Return on Investment.