Low profile highbay

LED / Architectural

Spyder® series luminaire combines performance, technology, efficiency and architectural detail.

By utilizing the Beghelli LUCE light engine; the Spyder® is up to five times more efficient than conventional luminaires and will retain up to 70% of its initial light output up to an estimated 50,000 hours. The Spyder® is powered by Samsung LED's and offers an IP67 temporarily submergible option.

Available in 2ft, 4ft, 8ft or custom lengths/runs, with white, RGB color mixing or single color LED light engines. The Spyder® housing is fabricated from high-strength aluminum alloy with an anodized finish or hard anodized finish.

Spyder® is ideal for indoor and outdoor applications including: row lighting, high/low bay installations, signs, wall washing, offices, production facilities, hotels and retail.