Beghelli USA Discontinues the BRZ-R


Dear Beghelli Partners,

Please be advised that effective immediately we will be discontinuing the BRZ-R remote from our Emergency Lighting portfolio. The BRZ-R remote is replaced by the BRH remote. The BRH remote is available for indoor or outdoor applications. BRH remote is designed with high-performance chrome-plated metalized reflector and provides optimal light distribution. Fully adjustable LED heads ensure emergency lighting performance, accurate positioning and reduced maintenance.

The BRH remote is multi voltage (3.6V, 6V, 9.6V & 12V) and compatible with the XLP-LED2, Forma Combo and Brezza.

For more information on the:

• XLP-LED2 click here.

• Forma Combo click here

• Brezza click here

We thank you for your continued support.



Beghelli USA